Telecel makes Teletunes easy to buy

NEWS RELEASE  21 June 2012  



Telecel makes Teletunes easy to buy even with limited money


With an airtime balance of as little as between 25 cents and 50 cents in their phone, Telecel subscribers can now purchase a song or tune to replace the normal ringing tone that callers hear when they phone them.



Normally a Teletunes musical ringing tone costs one dollar and is valid for 30 days.  However, a subscriber who has less than a dollar’s airtime loaded can now still purchase the ring tone but for a shorter period.


If the airtime balance is more than 75 cents but less than one dollar, a Tele Tune of the customer’s choice can be purchased for 75 cents that is valid for 21 days.


If the balance is more than 50 cents but less than 75 cents then a musical ringing tone can be purchased for 50 cents valid for 14 days.


If the subscriber has less than 50 cents airtime on the phone but more than 25 cents then the tune that can be purchased will cost 25 cents and be valid for seven days.


Previously, a subscriber had to maintain a minimum balance of at least one dollar to be able to purchase a song or musical ringing tone.


The cost of a Teletunes song or tune valid for 30 days remains one dollar.  However, those who have less than this on their phone can now still purchase a Teletune, so that their callers will hear the song or tune when they call, for a period directly proportional to what the value of airtime on their phone allows them to buy.


Teletunes is a value added service that allows subscribers to choose a song to replace the traditional ringing tone that callers hear when they phone.


Telecel is the first network to introduce this service, which has proved popular in countries such as South Africa, China, India and Kenya.


Subscribers are able to select a song of their choice from a wide variety of songs from local, regional and international artists.


Categories of songs include Top 20, Pop, Urban Grooves, RnB, Jazz, Afro Rock Fusion, Mbira, Christmas Carols and Reggae.


To hear or see the songs available for selection one can visit Telecel’s website ( or Facebook page or dial into the Teletunes short code, which is 335.


To subscribe to this service, the customer dials 335 and follows voice prompts. Alternatively the customer can send the word SUB by short message service (SMS) to 33533.






Voice calls are charged at the normal call rate of 23 cents per minute while an SMS costs 15 cents per SMS. Once subscribed a subscriber can go on to select a song, which will be valid for either 30 days, 21 days, 14 days or seven days, depending on the airtime balance on the phone.


Prior to the expiry date, Telecel will send the subscriber an SMS reminder to maintain a balance similar to the one that existed when the tune was purchased in order to cover a further similar period.


Once the validity period has expired the subscriber’s account will automatically be debited with an additional amount equivalent to the one that was used to purchase the initial song. This will renew the subscription.


Renewal of the Teletunes service is automatic unless the subscriber opts out.




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