Telecel Installs New Network



Telecel installs new state-of-the-art network system

Telecel Zimbabwe has installed a new intelligent network management system that will enable it to provide its customers with more value added services.

Telecel Zimbabwe Chief Technical Officer Haitham Assal said the company embarked on the installation of the new system in April in a bid to increase its capacity to provide subscribers with new services.


“As an innovative company that always aims to provide more value added services for customers, Telecel decided to abandon the old network management system as it had reached its capacity in terms of adding on new services,” he said.

“The new system is virtually limitless, as it is capable of taking on countless new applications that can help enhance subscriber services.

“It has on-the-shelf products that reduce the time it takes to market value added products. It also comes with a disaster recovery site that acts as a back-up of the system, ensuring nothing is lost in the event of the system being damaged or compromised in any way.”

The new system makes it possible for the company to provide more services for both contract and pre-paid subscribers. Easy to operate, it has the capacity to accommodate more subscribers on both contract and pre-paid platforms.

“Soon it will be possible for contract customers to check their bill in a similar way to that used when checking the account balance on a pre-paid line,” Mr Assal said.

“Contract subscribers will also be able to set a limit on their account, for example of $100, so that when it reaches that amount it automatically switches over to the prepaid system where they can buy airtime and load it just like a pre-paid subscriber,” he said.

Telecel continues to be the leader within the mobile communications sector in providing affordable services.

The company slashed the cost of its data bundles in a recent promotion, making them the cheapest on the market among telecommunications operators and competitive with internet service provider rates. The idea behind this promotion was to encourage greater use of mobile phones for access to the internet. The promotion ended on August 31, after which new rates were put in place that remain competitive.

After rebranding in February this year, Telecel introduced several value added services for its customers that have significantly enhanced its subscribers’ mobile communication experiences.

These new services include an emergency credit facility for established active pre-paid customers, which enables them to obtain airtime on credit whenever they run out of it and have no access to an airtime card or voucher.

The company also introduced Teletunes, a service that enables subscribers to replace the normal ringing tone that callers hear when they phone them with a song or musical ringing tone.

New features have also been added to the Teletunes service. For instance, if a Telecel subscriber calls another Telecel subscriber who has a Teletune that he or she likes, he or she can purchase the same song instantly by simply pressing the star key on the phone before the other subscriber has picked up the call.

The Teletunes service can now also send SMSs to Teletunes subscribers informing them of the different tracks available. If a subscriber would like to listen to one of these songs, he or she can simply send the code that comes with the message to the specified number. The Teletunes out?dialer will call the subscriber to play the song free of charge.

Subscribers who would like to receive religious or love related messages can do so by sending a keyword to 33511. The server will send a random message back to the subscriber that is related to the keyword sent.

English Premier League soccer fans can enjoy the Telecel English Premier League Trivia Promotion that gives them the chance to winning big prizes by accumulating points for answering soccer questions.

Fans can also keep up to date with the latest news about their favorite teams by subscribing to the English Premier League updates service.

Telecel’s Mega Promo is a promotion that gives subscribers who take advantage of it the opportunity to win big prizes. Two Samsung Galaxy Y PRO cellphones are being given away as daily prizes. A Samsung Galaxy S2 or an HP 630 laptop can be won each week. The grand prize, which will be awarded at the end of the promotion, is a Mazda BT50 double cab.



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