Awesome news! We have reduced our out of bundle data rates to 5c/MB excl taxes effective 1 July 2018 enabling you to do so much more with your data for much less

What is telecel Broaband Plus?

 By registering a telecel prepaid line or contract line you automatically get access to high speed internet on telecel's network. Once you start accessing high speed internet connectivity you can benefit from a wide range of internet based services that can be accessed using various bundled offers that cater for all types of internet users. All these aforementioned benefits are packaged under telecel's vibrant brand named telecel Broadband Plus.


Bundles offered under Broadband Plus

 Telecel offers a number of bundles offers that provide discounted data rates to a wide range of internet based services and platforms. The following bundles are available to telecel go (telecel prepaid) subscribers:


Amazing tariffs


 Data Bundles Price MB Validity/days
Data $0.50 25 30
Data $1.00 50 30
Data $3.00 200 30
Data $5.00 350 30
Data $10.00 700 30
Data $20.00 1500 30
Data $45.00 3500 30
Data $75.00 6000 30
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