Super Voice Bundles

Get 60 minutes for $1 or 200 mins for $2 to call


any Telecel Number of your choice

 The Super Voice Bundles offer is an on-net voice call promotion that will allow Telecel Go pre-paid subscribers to buy two voice bundles for $1 or $2 which will give them 60 minutes and 200 minutes respectively. The 60 minutes from the $1 bundle will be valid until midnight on the day of recharge while the 200 minutes from the $2 bundle will be valid until midnight on the second day of recharge. To purchase the Super Voice Bundles, subscribers just dial *156#.

Terms And Conditions
1.    The Telecel Super Voice Bundles promo are a Telecel-to-Telecel calls promotion open to all Telecel Go prepaid subscribers.
2.    For purchase & balance inquiry for the Telecel Go Super Voice Bundles, please dial *156# from your mobile phone.
3.    There are two bundles being:-
                  ?    the $1 bundle which offers 60 minutes valid for up to midnight of the day of recharge
                  ?    the $2 bundle which offers 200 minutes valid for up to midnight of the 2nd day of recharge.
4.    The bundles are non-cumulative and a subscriber cannot purchase another bundle whilst they still have another valid bundle.
5.    If the subscriber does not buy additional minutes, he or she will be charged at the normal out-of-bundle rate of $0.15/min at the expiry of the purchased   bundle.
6.    Telecel-to-Telecel call  bundles will have priority in terms of depletion, followed by the core wallet.
7.    The Super Voice Bundles promo will run from 1 July 2015 until 30 September 2015.

Telecel Super Voice Bundles Shape


$1 Bundle

$2 Bundle




Telecel-to-Telecel Minutes

60 Mins

200 Mins


Up to midnight of day of recharge

Up to midnight of day 2 of recharge

Billing Pulse

Per minute

Per minute

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@briantinashe17 Good day. The $3.00 bundle gives you 1000 messages that expire after 30 days, if not depleted