Mega Bonus


Get 100% instant bonus with Mega Bonus
every time you recharge

Terms And Conditions


  1. The Mega Bonus Promotion applies to all subscribers on Telecel Go platform.
  2. A subscriber will receive a set of benefits for each recharge they make using either scratch card, e-juice or Telecash platform.

Table 1.0 Mega Bonus Tariff Plan:

Recharge Denomination

Mega Bonus Benefit

Bonus Validity (midnight)

Billing Pulse

On-net Minutes Off-net Minutes
$1 4 2 1 day Per Min
$2 8 4 2 days Per Min
$5 20 10 3 days Per Min
$10 40 20 5 days Per Min
$20 80 40 7 days Per Min
  1. The Mega Bonus applies to subscribers on Telecel Go platform only.
  2. Billing pulse for all bonus benefits (cross-net & on-net) is per minute.
  3. All recharges from $1 and above will qualify for Mega Bonus benefits.
  4. Mega bonus benefits are to be received instantly upon a successful recharge.
  5. Mega bonus benefits will deplete after the core wallet.
  6. In the event that a subscriber purchases a voice bundle or Mega-boost bundle, cross-net mega bonus minutes equivalent to the bundle will be forfeited.
  7.  All voice bundles (CVB & Mega-Boost) have priority over Mega Bonus benefits.

Benefits should accrue should a consecutive recharge be made.

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