Telecel On-net Bundles


Telecel's On-net voice bundles now allow you to call telecel numbers for longer for much less.

The benefits


Telecel's On-net voice bundles give you amazingly low call rates when you call any telecel number. You can get up to 2 500 minutes for as little as $10 valid for 30 days. The telecel on-net bundles provide an affordable option to telecel subscribers who rely on voice calls as they conduct their day to day activities.

To subscribe to telecel's on-net voice bundles simply dial *146# and select the On-net voice bundle option from the USSD menu. After successfully subscribing you can start calling telecel numbers immediately.


Terms and Conditions
  1. On-net Bundles are open to all Prepaid, Telecel Red & Business flexi subscribers.
  2. The On-Net Voice bundles are available in the shape of $0.50, $1, $3, $5 and $10 packages only
PackagePriceOn-net MinutesValidity
Daily $0.50 60 1 Day(midnight)
Daily Plus $1.00 150 2 Days
Weekly $3.00 500 7 Days
Bi-Weekly $5.00 1 200 14 Days


2 500 30 Days


  1. These are voice bundles that allow you to call Telecel Numbers only. Cross-net and international destinations do not apply.
  2. Bundle expiry is not dynamic, they will expire at midnight. For example the daily bundle will expire at midnight on day of purchase.
  3. The bundles are accessed via USSD code *146#.
  4. The bundles are cumulative; a subscriber can purchase more than one bundle at a time.
  5. Consecutive purchase of the same bundle:  benefits will accrue and assume the validity period of the most recent bundle purchased.
  6. Consecutive purchase of different bundles: the bundle with lowest validity will be consumed first followed by the higher bundle. Validity periods of each bundle remain unchanged.
  7. Subscription shall be from Core & TeleCash wallet(s).
  8. Billing priority for Onnet Calls:
    • Prepaid: Onnet bundle – Megaboost bundle – Core wallet – Mega
    • Red flexi – Hybrid Onnet – Onnet bundle – Megaboost bundle - Core
    • Business Flexi – Business Onnet – Onnet bundle – Megaboost bundle - Core

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