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Telecel Red is Telecel's postpaid package that gives you amazing benefits of up to ten times more value. You can choose from 6 different price plans which include Red 6, 12, 24, 40, 55, and 84. The new and improved benefits include WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Data bundles in addition to your voice and SMS benefits

 Tariff PLan Red 6 Red 12 Red 24 Red 40 Red 55

Red 84

Bundle Cost ZWL(excl vat)  $8,733.62 $13,100.44 $26,200.87 $43,668.12 $56,768.56 $82,969.43
Monthly Subscription (ZWL) $10,000 $15,000 $30,000 $50,000 $65,000 $95,000
Bundle Cost USD (excl. VAT) $13,10 $17,47 $34,93 $61,14 $78,60 $113,54
Monthly Subscription USD (incl. VAT) $15 $20 $40 $70 $90 $130
In-bundle Tariff Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies
Out of Bundle Tariff Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies Existing Tariff Applies
Features and benefits
Core Benefits
  • On Net- 100 mins
  • SMS- 40 
  • Free Credit- zwl 500                
  • On Net - 220 mins
  • SMS - 100
  • Free Credit- zwl 1100 
  • On-net - 400 mins
  • SMS - 250
  • Free Credit- zwl 2200 
  • Cross-net -300 mins
  • On-net 800 mins
  • SMS - 350
  • Cross-net local -700 mins
  • On-net - 1500 mins
  • SMS - 500
  • Cross - net - 1500 mins
  • On-net - 3000 mins
  • SMS - 700
Data Benefits
  • WhatsApp Bundle 100MB
  • Facebook Bundle 100MB
  • Data 500MB
  • WhatsApp Bundle 210MB
  • Facebook Bundle 210MB
  • Data 1200MB
  • WhatsApp Bundle 320MB
  • Facebook Bundle 320MB
  • Data 2500MB
  • WhatsApp Bundle 500MB
  • Facebook Bundle 500MB
  • Data 4000MB
  • WhatsApp Bundle 700MB
  • Facebook Bundle 700MB
  • Data 5000MB
  • Whatsapp- 1200MB
  • Facebook Bundle - 1200MB
  • Data - 6500MB
Core Wallet (Flexi)

-Usage outside the bundle is charged from the core wallet: International voice and SMS, roaming, and VAS
-Upon exhausting core wallet, subscribers on hybrid must recharge with SCs to continue using

Credit Limit (Postpaid)  Usage outside the bundle is post-charged from a preset credit limit:
International voice and SMS, roaming, and VAS
Upon reaching the credit limit customers are suspended from making outgoing activities.

 *Existing tariff applies – refers to POTRAZ approved tariffs or any other approved tariffs at the discretion of Telecel

Terms and Conditions
  1. Telecel Red is a package aimed at high net worth individuals who want to avoid prepaid tariff plans
  2. Customers have the liberty to pay in USD or ZWL equivalent at the prevailing interbank rate.
  3. The package offers either a pure post-paid option or a Flexi option depending on the level of control and convenience needed
  4. The pure post-paid option allows the subscriber to be billed for all their activity at the end of a billing period, usually a month
  5. The Flexi option is a hybrid plan that contains elements of both post-paid and prepaid where a subscriber can enjoy post-paid capabilities up to a set limit after which they have to recharge their line for continued use.
  6. All prices in the bundle will be exclusive of VAT. On the Flexi option, when you top up with recharge cards, outside the subscribed bundle, all rates will be as per POTRAZ approved rates and are VAT inclusive as Telecel recharge cards are inclusive of VAT.
  7. The initial Contract Period will be 12 or 24 months depending on whether the subscriber also takes on a handset option or not.
  8. Standard rates as approved by the regulator apply on all local calls, data and local SMSs made upon depletion of package benefits.
  9. There no other fixed costs apart from the advertised monthly subscription fee.
  10. Full and further provisions of terms and conditions are printed on contract form available as part of the application requirements.




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