WhatsApp Bundles.

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Chat more for less with Telecel's affordable WhatsApp Bundles

The benefits


You can now chat more on your favourite instant messaging platform, WhatsApp with Telecel's affordable WhatsApp bundles. Unlike other offerings on the market, Telecel's WhatsApp bundles allow you to do voice calls and Video calls via WhatsApp. You can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly WhatsApp bundles all depending on your usage patterns. 


To subscribe to Telecel's WhatsApp bundles simply dial *480# and select the WhatsApp bundle option from the USSD menu. You will then get a menu with the different bundle options such as daily WhatsApp bundles or Weekly WhatsApp bundles After successfully subscribing you can start accessing your benefits immediately.



Terms and Conditions

  1. The bundles allow subscribers to access the WhatsApp platform at very affordable rates.
  2. The bundles are available to all active Telecel subscribers
  3. To access the bundles, please dial *480# or SMS the letter ‘w’ to 33480
  4. The bundles are charged as follows:-
Bundle  Price Data allocation  Validity
Daily $91.00 15 24 hours
Daily $122.00 20 24 hours
Daily $286.00 47  
Weekly $457.00 75 7 days
Weekly $945.00 155 7 days 
Monthly  $1,525.00 250 30 days
Monthly $2,745.00 450 30 days


  1. All bundle prices are inclusive of VAT
  2. Bundles expire after the validity period and normal data rates begin to apply
  3. Validity of bundles is counted from the date and time of purchase
  4. Bundle subscription transactions are irreversible
  5. If a new bundle is bought while the customer still has an existing bundle, the existing bundle will be overwritten.
  6. Normal data roaming rates will apply to roaming subscribers using the bundles outside Zimbabwe
  7. Telecel reserves the right to use appropriate traffic shaping or throttling measures to manage data usage in a manner that protects the network platform and its subscribers
  8. Telecel reserves the right to replace, amend or withdraw at any time:-
    1. any of the bundles (in whole or in part)
    2. the charges for the bundles
    3. these current terms and conditions
    4. the tenure of this promotion
  9. If any of the terms and conditions are changed, notices will be made on the Telecel website
  10. If you continue to use the bundles after the date on which a new change to the service comes into effect, your use of the bundles indicates that you have agreed to the changed terms & conditions

Prepaid subscribers

1.    Payment for data bundles will be done from the main wallet
2.    Subscribers can only subscribe to one bundle at a time

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