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Experience a new affordable way to call across all networks

What is telecel go?

Telecel go is telecel's prepaid offering that gives subscribers an affordable way to communicate whilst on the go. Telecel go boasts of a wide range of products and services all centred around giving maximum value for every dollar spent by subscribers

Telecel go is well known for the iconic mega bonus benefit which sees subscribers getting 100% instant bonus minutes every-time they top-up. Telecel go gives prepaid subscribers a wide range of bundled offers that target different user segments. This means if for example you are a heavy data user you can subscribe to daily data bundles to enjoy discounted rates. To become a telecel go subscriber all you have to do is purchase a prepaid line from any telecel shop or from various agents dotted across Zimbabwe.

telecel go tariffs

 Listed below are telecel go's affordable out of bundle rates for voice, SMS and Data. These are the rates you access immediately after topping up your telecel go line.

     Service  Amount
Cross Network voice calls  $0.92
On net voice calls $0.96
SMS local  $0.19
DATA $0.10



To access the Potraz Approved Tariffs as a pdf document click here

To access a full list of our services and their corresponding short codes click here


telecel go bundles

If you are looking for an offer or package that gives you access to voice, data, SMS and popular social media benefits then you are in luck because telecel go subscribers can dial *480# to buy the MegaBoost all-in-one combo package that gives subscribers access to all the benefits mentioned.

telecel go bundles include:

  • Voice:  On-net voice bundle   Cross-net Voice Bundles   International Voice Bundles
  • Data:  Happy Day Data Bundles   WhatsApp and Twitter Bundles   Facebook Bundles   Wi-Fi Zone   Data bundles
  • SMS:   SMS Bundles
Data  Price Volume MB Validity
Data $2.00 35 24 Hrs
Data  $4.00 80 24 hrs
Data $10.00 350 24 hrs
Data $15.00 700 24 hrs
Data $2.00 25 7 days 
Data $3.00 40 7 Days
Data $5.00 70 7 Days
Data $8.00 120 7 Days
Data $12.00 200 7 Days
Data $30.00 220 30 Days
Data $70.00 500 30 Days
Data $100.00 850 30 Days
Data $245.00 2100 30 Days
Data $300.00 3100 30 Days
Terms and Conditions
For SMS bundles terms and condtions click here.
For Data bundles terms and conditions click here.
For Cross-Net Voice bundles terms and conditions click here. 
Telecel go terms and conditions.
  1. Telecel Go is a new Telecel rebranded pre-paid service platform.
  2. There is currently a single Tariff plan on Telecel Go :  Go Mega
  1. Data is charged at $0.05 per MB before taxes.
  2. Subscribers on the Telecel Go Mega Plan receive bonus airtime of 50% to call On-net & 50% to call any Off-net number. Terms and Conditions apply.
  3. All calls are charged per second.
  4. Voice and SMS charges can be further reduced by purchasing voice bundles and SMS bundles which can be used across all networks. To access these bundles, please dial the    following codes:
    • *146# for voice bundles
    • *404# for SMS bundles
    • *470# for data bundles
  5. Telecel Go is a new Telecel rebranded pre-paid service platform.
  6. There is currently a single Tariff plan on Telecel Go :  Go Mega

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